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At the age of 42, Brian Roman did something that most of us would never consider; he followed his dream. On April 26th, 2006 Brian single-handedly packed Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall – an impressive feat for any musician, let alone a first timer. This passion for music and entertainment has brought Brian all over the world, performing contemporary classics and wonderful original music for thousands of fans.

Brian is about to release a new CD which will be a compilation of mostly original pieces along with one or two familiar numbers. His performances continue to wow audiences and his new show RocOpraNatra has received incredible reviews from audience members and media. RocOpraNatra is the bringing together of several musical genres. Danny Scott is a classic rock singer who has written radio hits and has opened for super band Glass Tiger. Christopher Dallo is a world-renowned tenor who recently toured with Peter Cetera, Earth Wind and Fire and won first place in the 2009 David Foster Talent Search. The two join Brian in a show that features the music of Elvis Presley, Josh Groban, Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart, Andrea Bocelli, Tom Jones, The Beatles and much more. Then something magical happens when the three voices come together for a completely unexpected and exciting experience