The RocOpraNatra Project

The RoCopraNatra Project

There was a time when all of the great performers co existed. There was a week in the 1960’s when The Beatles had 6 of the top ten hits on the Bill Board Charts but the same week the number one song was Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong. After Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles had become big stars the biggest show on TV from 1970 to 1980 was the Dean Martin’s Variety Show. And all along the classical greats were there.

RocOpraNatra, everyone will love the great voices along with the charm and personalities of these three great performers.

Danny Scott has written and co-written hit songs and worked with some of the biggest names in the music business. His songs can be heard on radio and you will recognize his style and sound from days of opening for Glass Tiger. His voice captures the essence of great songs from Rod Stewart, Michael Bolton, Some of the great Big Bands of the 1980’s and so much more. His charm and presence wins people over every time.

Canadian tenor Christopher Dallo has captured audiences internationally with his extraordinary and captivating voice. Christopher’s natural talent first caught the attention of David Foster in 2009 when he won his international talent search/competition. He has performed with many greats including, Randy Bachman, Sarah McLaughlin, Jose Feliciano, and new singing sensation Jackie Evancho.

And of course Brian Roman himself, inspired by some of the great singers of all time, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley. Brian has shared the stage with the likes of Rich Little, Rita McNeil and Jose Feliciano, just to name a few. Brian’s rich and versatile voice gives moving renditions to some of the greatest songs of all time. Brian’s velvet vocals and captivating stage presence add to making RocOpraNatra an unforgettable experience, a show unlike any other.